Monday, 1 September 2008

Orange and Purple QuickPage Freebie

Purple QuickPage

Orange QuickPage

I had to change the link to the Orange QuickPage,
there was a bit sticking out from the frame that
I didn't see:( So I have fixed it now and the new link is up .

Here are the links.
There are 2 so be sure you read
what they are.

See you all in a few days with more goodies and enjoy!

Halloween Freebie 5

Halloween Freebie

Halloween Freebie 5 part1

I won't be on for the next few days,
My kids go back to school tomorrow .
So I will be busy running around and stuff.

I have made a small kit that has
more Papers and more embellishments.

I have also done 2 more quick pages
1 in orange and 1 in purple.

I decided to make them because some
of my family members , have gotten
interested in what I am doing. But it is
hard explaining over a phone what to do !!

So here they are and enjoy!

The QuickPages will be posted seperate.