Wednesday, 24 September 2008

My Inspiration Freebie

Autumn Quickpage

This is the picture I used to create my Autumn Kit .
I loved the colours!! I thought they were bright but warm .
And to me they represent Autumn well :)

I made a quickpage from my kit to show what you could do with it :)
I think the colours work really well together, they are nice bright warm colours.
I can already smell the pumpkin pie :)

So I thought I would add this quickpage , I think it turned out really nice :)
Again I apologize for the confusion.

So here it is and enjoy :)

Autumn Kit Freebie


I am reposting this , I think it was confuseing to some because of the other 2 pictures I had posted with this. They thought it was just a quickpage :(
I do apologize.

I have been working on an Autumn kit.....I sort of jumped from October to Decemeber.
Its I just like certain holidays ....and to me in a way Halloween is fall to me..the colours and smells all represent fall..the longer nights and the leaves changeing colour.

So I thought I would do this kit because ..1) I like the fall colours, they are rich and soft and mix very well....and 2) I like plaids...and well I have not seen many plaids about.

In this kit I have made 4 plaids and 5 plain colours, glitter leaves and frames.

These colours will brighten up any scrapbook page ! Add them to Halloween or Thanksgiving pages.

So here it is an enjoy!!

P.S... If anyone is interested , I have also made striped papers .....I didnt include them in the kit...but if anyone would like them just email me and I will post them on here :)