Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Pumpkin Patch Glitter Freebie

Here is a set of Pumpkin Patch glitters for you to play with :)
I have seen lots of scrapbook pages and cards with pumpkin scenes on them
and thought I would create these.

Also I have fixed the links for the Halloween Glitter.

Hope you all enjoy them :)

For Photoshop

For Adobe...PAT file
Pumpkin Patch.zip

Thanks for stopping by:)

Halloween Glitter Freebie

Halloween Glitter.zip

Halloween Glitter Tiles.zip

UpDate: I made a file for people who use paintshop ,
The File is called Halloween Glitter Tiles.
They are png Files.
Sorry for the inconvience!!

I also made GLITTER :)
I couldnt find any that looked to
be traditional Halloween colors.
So I made some for you all to use :)
If you have any problems let me know!!!

Have fun and Enjoy :)